Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been awhile

Well it's been awhile since I've put anything up.  From the outside it wouldn't seem like much is going on that should keep me from posting, but from here it's been crazy!  Last week we took Ryker for his 6 month well baby.  He is one "healthy" boy.  He came in at a whopping 28 in and 19 lbs!!  Strangely enough his weight is only in the 75th while his length is in the 97th.  I thought it was interesting!  He's sitting up by himself all the time now.  He loves to play with toys and books.  He's even started drawing his knees underneath him like he's going to crawl.  I guess we better start checking the house and putting things up high.  Last week after his shots my poor boy was sick the entire night.  Two nights later Tres and I came down with the same thing at the same time.  I actually called my parents at 2:00 am (that's right AM) to come pick up Ryker.  I felt terrible, but without going into detail there was noway he was going to get the attention he needed for the night if he stayed there.  We're lucky to live so close that we can call on them in emergencies like that.  It's rare that Tres or I get sick, so for us to be that sick at the exact same time was truly odd...  Anyways.  I guess that about does it.  We're all back to our usual happy selves here.  Spring Break is coming up and I can't wait!

Mandi Lou

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  1. We will come pick up that boy at any hour of the day to help you out. Not a moments hesitation when you called. And I am so glad you are all well. Now we will wait for the same with J.R.
    I can't wait for Spring Break. Arkansas, here we come. And everyone needs to be well.