Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost time

Well we are down to the last few days.  Tres and I, with the help of a very energetic mother and helpful father, have our entire apartment packed and ready to be moved.  We have over taken my parents house for the next days.  Thursday morning we are picking up the truck and getting some help from a few good friends to load up.  Tres will be driving down Thursday to unload.  Ryker and I will be coming down Saturday to join him.  My wonderful Mom will be staying with us for a whole week!!  I am just thrilled about this.  If you know me at all I'm not exactly the stay on task organizer that she is.  That is a trait I unfortunately did not inherit from her.  I will post pics of the house once we're done and settled... hopefully early next week.  Wish us luck!!

Mandi Lou

Friday, May 27, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Well I just have to share the wonderful news that we received... No I am not pregnant with #2, but my sister is with #3!!!!!  This was a rather shocking announcement for EVERYONE.  That's including mother and father, but also very EXCITING!!  I just burst at the seams every time I hear about a friend or family member being pregnant.  Babies are one of the joys in life I have always loved.

Who wouldn't want another one of these sweet faces!!  I can't wait!

Mandi Lou

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Pictures

We took family pictures today.  We went to a local park close to my parents house.  These pictures turned out fantastic!!  I have to plug Eric Lyons on the fantastic job he did!  It was a little hot and windy, but I think we did well of disguising that.  The boys were so good and did so much better then I could have dreamed. 

 Ryker was really enjoying the grass.  It was really soft.
 Here's my brother and sister-in-law.  Such a cute couple.
Sweet Micaiah

 Lolly and Pop with their three Grand-boys

 All the boys checking out how strong Pop is.
 My wonderful sister and sweet family!
Hope you enjoyed my family!  They are the best and I will miss being so close for the next few years. 

Mandi Lou

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday JR!

Saturday we spent the day with family celebrating JR's first birthday!   We had a blast.  Here are pictures from the day.
Talsie made the cake and mom and I made the horse cupcakes you saw in my last blog.
The reins are long licorice I bought at a candy store.  Very hard to find.
 The heads are chocolate dipped circus peanuts and chocolate and vanilla wafers for the necks.
 Mom decorated some tins with cowboy stickers to hold peanuts.  She did a great job!
 Here's a view of almost all of the table.  Talsie used pie tins for plates.  Such a cute idea!
 Here's the birthday boy in his cowboy attire.
 Lolly and Pop with the downs boys.
 JR and Ryker crawling towards the sandbox.
 Opening gifts.
 Ryker ended the evening passed out in the swing on the back porch.
We had a great day with family and a few church friends!  Such a fun party.  Next we're on to Tres' graduation party!! What fun parties have you been to lately??

Mandi Lou