Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Working on it

Since Tres and I moved into our apartment 6 months ago neither of us have truly been happy with how it looked.  We had a few other things keeping us busy and unable to do much about it.  Well 6 months later we've finally taken some advice (thank you Aunt Claudia) and had a little help (thanks mom) getting it together.
This is my new work station under our stairs.  My mom helped me a lot with the back of the book shelf and the cleaning out.
 Here's part of the dinning area. The hutch is one of my favorite pieces we have.  It is actually the hutch that was used in my parents house for years.  Tres and I painted it before we got married.  Notice the bee hive cookie jar.  This was a $6 find at Pier 1.  Thanks Mom!!
 The rest of the dinning area.  The "Menu" chalk board will eventually be hung in the kitchen.  I'll show pictures of that later.
 This is part of the back wall.  The book shelf is reserved for all things crafting.  It's what backs up to my desk under the stairs.
 Still on the back wall.  I plan to paint Tres' computer cabinet sometime.
 Here's the living area.
 Here's a sneek peak at my kitchen.  I'm working on the window treatment and reorganizing.
  I hope you enjoyed a look into the downstairs of our love nest.  We're still excitedly working on it!  I'll post as I add and tweak it.

Mandi Lou

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