Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Time!!

Well it's been nothing short of hot and dry here. We've been busy with different activites to aquaint us with everyone down here.  It's been nice and has kept us cool.  During the day is a different story.  Ryker and I have spent a lot of time setting up his little pool.  It took awhile but he has really taken to it.  I think he likes the water hose the best.

Even the dog wanted to get in on it.  What are you doing to stay cool??

Mandi Lou

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As promised... Our House!  (and a few extra things...)

I start with the first... Here are some photos from Tres' graduation party before we left.
So excited for Tres to graduate.  Amy (his oldest sister) was thrilled to be able to hood him!

 Big thanks to our friend Brandon who helped me with all the labels for the party!
Check out the brain cubes we were popping weeks in advance.

 The stethoscope on the top was a gift from me and my entire family for his graduation.  His mom gave him a beautiful leather doctor's bad that I don't have a picture of him with.
 This is the first time he had seen the cake.  The doctor's bag first aid kit was from Ryker... very fitting I thought.

 My mom found this shirt at Penny's and thought it would be perfect for the occasion.
Alright.  Now for the House.
The bar's a little messy but here's the back living room.  The view out the window is the backyard.
 One side of the fire place.

 Notice my cute cookie jar... it actually has cookies in it! 
My family left us messages before they left for Oklahoma.

 On the other side of the kitchen. 
 View from the other end of the room.
 You can partially see the other side of the fireplace. 
 I guess you would call this our "formal" living room.  I wouldn't really say anything is too formal in our house though.

 Here's my Aunt Claudia's favorite piece of furniture in our house. 
 Guest/Ryker's bathroom. 

 Ryker's room!
 The only thing lacking in his room are curtains, which I am in the process of trying to figure out.
Any suggestions?

I left off our bedroom and bathroom because it is far from finished.  It's extremely plain right now.  I will post about it after I get working on it.

Well there's lots of pictures.  Hope you enjoy!!
What's going on with you??

Mandi Lou

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Official...

Well we are all moved in and unboxed thanks to my mom. She has been down here with us for the past week. I would not have the house in the order it's in if not for her. My dad, sister, and two nephews will be here later this afternoon for a few days before we all head back to OKC. I will post pics of the house once we get the last piece of furniture in and arranged. It's all coming together so nicely. Can't wait to share.

Mandi Lou