Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Time!!

Around 2 o'clock everyday I hear the mail slot clank and the mail plop to the ground.  When I went in to pick it up today a fun surprise had come in.  Ryker recieved his first piece of mail!! 
He wouldn't sit still long enough for a good picture.  That's the best I could get.
 Here's the envelope after he had played with it.  So fun to see it addressed to him and from his cousin!
Inside was an invitation to his cousin's birthday party.  He's having a super hero party.   
 On the back of the invite both his 3year old cousin and 1 year old cousin had written him notes!
We are getting super excited for our first trip back to Oklahoma since we moved.  It'll be so much fun getting to see everyone including my grandparents from Indiana! 

Mandi Lou


  1. I am SO glad that he got it! We cannot wait to see you Ryker! We miss you SOOO much!

  2. I can't wait to see you on Thursday and then to have you back in Oklahoma for a little over a week. Helping you make Micaiah's cake, oh, what fun. We are all so excited. We miss you three oh, so much.

  3. And snail mail is the best. Don't you just hope each day when you hear the clink that you have something other than junk or bills. I do, so glad for the pottery barn catalog.
    For 158 weeks you should at least have one piece of mail other than junk come through your slot.