Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday JR!

Saturday we spent the day with family celebrating JR's first birthday!   We had a blast.  Here are pictures from the day.
Talsie made the cake and mom and I made the horse cupcakes you saw in my last blog.
The reins are long licorice I bought at a candy store.  Very hard to find.
 The heads are chocolate dipped circus peanuts and chocolate and vanilla wafers for the necks.
 Mom decorated some tins with cowboy stickers to hold peanuts.  She did a great job!
 Here's a view of almost all of the table.  Talsie used pie tins for plates.  Such a cute idea!
 Here's the birthday boy in his cowboy attire.
 Lolly and Pop with the downs boys.
 JR and Ryker crawling towards the sandbox.
 Opening gifts.
 Ryker ended the evening passed out in the swing on the back porch.
We had a great day with family and a few church friends!  Such a fun party.  Next we're on to Tres' graduation party!! What fun parties have you been to lately??

Mandi Lou


  1. Love it. You and your sister are so talented.

  2. Looks like such a great party!! The cake and cupcakes are fantastic! I guess I haven't been to a "party" lately, but Wednesday I'll be going to a couple. My kids at the high school invited me to their Senior Picnic (and asked me to make their cake), and Wednesday night our Life Group will meet at our house for a Cinco de Mayo (Eve) potluck. Yay! Love you!