Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

Well it has been a rough couple of nights around here.  A couple of nights ago Ryker started having problems staying asleep in his crib.  I kept telling Tres it was just weird that he all the sudden didn't want to stay in there.  Well as most of you that read this know he cut his two front bottom teeth Christmas Eve, well we're at it again.  At his 6 month appointment the doctor thought it looked like his top two could be coming in anytime.  I noticed yesterday the two top were beginning to look very white.  It all made sense.  I was thought "Great!!  Pretty soon they'll come in.  We'll just power through it".  Well little did I know he had another bottom one coming in!!!  We were playing together tonight and he started chewing on my finger when I noticed a little sharp something next to his bottom left tooth.  I couldn't believe it.  The poor guy... Not only are those two top trying to push their way out, but apparently one on the bottom if not the other one was and is trying to come in!

Poor guy doesn't feel the best.  Well it's about time for another dose of Tylenol and off to bed!

Mandi Lou

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  1. Give that baby a big love from Great-Mama.