Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year

So here we are in 2011.  It has been 1 month today since my last blog.  So much and so little has happened.  We spent Christmas with my family here in the city and the following day made the 2 hours up north to celebrate with Tres' family.  New Year's was spent here with my family and some church family.  We had a great time.  Ryker's two bottom teeth broke through on Christmas Eve without any of us even knowing he was teething.  He comes in at 27 1/2 in and 17lbs right now at 5 months.  He has caught up to his cousin who is 4 months older then him!!  Tres and I are both starting back to school today.  My sister is has pulled me into training for a 1/2 marathon with her in May.  The first week of training was great, but slowly the past 2 weeks I have been unmotivated and seem to always have some sort of housework I end up doing instead.  My goal for the rest of this week is to get up and go!!  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  I'm starting a couple of projects here to vamp up our living room and mine and Tres' bedroom.  I guess that about wraps up the happenings here.  Have a good week and I'll try to be a better blogger!

Mandi Lou


  1. Did you see the craft paper botanicals on Little Green Notebook? I think those would look SO good in your apartment!

  2. Obviously Joe is not scoping great ideas for your decorations.

  3. Teeth already?! Isn't that fun :) Anne Claire's should come through any day (I've been saying that for months!) Keep it up with the training...I'm training for the Chicago Marathon in October. I understand the periods of feeling unmotivated :)