Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just for Starters...

I've never had a blog or any desire to have a blog, but here I am creating a blog.  I thought of this as a silly waste of time, until I became addicted to reading my sister's.  I pull hers up everyday just to see if she's posted anything else.  I always find it enjoyable to read her postings and see my nephew's on the days I don't in person.  I figured if I enjoy reading hers, she might just enjoy reading mine.  So here we are.  Most people who will read this know all there is to know about me, but I'll give a run down anyway.  I married my wonderful husband, Tres: pronounced Trey, 14 months ago.  He is in his fourth year of Medical School and looking forward to being finished in November!!  About 5 months after saying "I Do" we were shocked and excited to find out I was pregnant.  August 16, 2010 Ryker Alexander Lowrance was unfortunately forced into the world 11 days early.  All was and is well.  Everyday has proven to be a new and exciting adventure.


  1. What happened to my comment? I'm glad you have a blog. Now I can see what you are up to the five days that I don't see you!

  2. I will be following your blog too and look forward to it. Post pictures of you, Trey and OF COURSE Ryker! I am enjoying the ones you post on Facebook. Love you.

  3. Glad you started to blog. Helps me keep up with all of you when you are not around. Love to know what my children and wonderful grandboys are doings. Can't wait to see Ryker. Didn't like not seeing him last night. Looking forward to you coming home.